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Blueberry Moon Rock


Blueberry flavoured Moon Rocks are made from OG Kush cannabis bud, dipped in hash oil and powdered in kief!

Tear the moonrock into small pieces & smoke it in a pipe or bong for best smoke & taste. Avoid using your grinder when preparing your Blueberry Moon Rocks as you might lose lots kief in the process. However, you smoke any way you want – just use scissors if you’re rolling it yourself. It’s all Indica that comes in many flavours. Also it lasts a lot longer than a regular gram of flower.

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7 reviews for Blueberry Moon Rock

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    Some days I wanna go to space. This is your ticket there! With a flavour and smell like weedy blueberry candy, this product will provide a unique high somewhere between oil joint and hash.

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    Had the original flavour on my last order. It was so good, had to try out the blueberry version this time.

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    Aaaammmaaazzzing !!! Finally got my hands on some and its a winner!! Bit pricey but worth it

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    This is the stuff that’ll get you to space. Would recommend.

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    A little goes a very long way. Very potent, great value.

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    Sit back and enjoy the ride lol moon rocks hit hard and taste amazing.

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    DELICIOUS!!! Smells and looks amazing!! I might eat it

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