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LIFTED Pscilocybin Mushroom Gummy (1000mg)


These gummies are made from psilocybin extracted from Golden Teacher cubensis magic mushrooms. Using a “tea” process the gummies are both delicious and perfectly dosed creating an ideal method for experiencing the magical healing properties of mushrooms. Much easier to consume then eating the raw mushroom fruits and a more enjoyable flavor.

Reduce stress and anxiety | Increase energy and happiness

1000mg total

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6 reviews for LIFTED Pscilocybin Mushroom Gummy (1000mg)

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    Cathy 99

    Needed two for any effect.

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    Very happy that i tried this product

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    Too great, good taste worth a try. 5 star rating

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    Best psilocybin edibles I’ve tried so far!

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    Best psilocybin edibles I’ve tried so far!

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    These gummies are second to none. They’re so soft and the flavour is perfect. My 2 year old son loves them, too.

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