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Moonlander (455mg)


Each capsule contains:
300mg Psilocybin + 25mg CBD: An amazing combination available for the first time
25mg 5-HTP: Increases serotonin levels and produces a healthy, happy mood
20mg Ginkgo: Improves brain function and well-being while keeping anxiety low
45mg Ginseng: Increases energy levels
20mg Maca: Increases female and male libido
20mg L-theanine: Increases focus and relieve stress

– Helps stabilize sleep cycles and should be taken in the morning before breakfast
– Helps boost the immune system
– Fights fatigue and depression
– Acts as an antioxidant
– Helps prevent and decrease damage to cells

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Psilocybin + CBD: For Enhanced Space Travel. Visit places you’ve never been with Moonlander. Take it with friends and connect on new levels. With its proprietary blend of of psilocybin, CBD, ginseng, 5-HTP, ginkgo, maca, and L-theanine, Moonlander makes for the perfect Saturday night voyage to new worlds. People love Moonlander for its unique effects and packaging. It’s super convenient to take with you and share with friends.

2 reviews for Moonlander (455mg)

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    Good product, I tried other products and couldn’t be as effective as Moonlander. I always carry it with me.

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    That’s quite a new thing! should experience

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