1. jamescain

    The effect was very nice, I only took small pieces and got wrecked a bunch of times. Great value, great taste, and great buzz. I’ve had edibles that dont do too much for me but this was the shit

  2. Xcodant

    My son has motor tics and we have noticed a relief since he has been taking these! I will be exploring More options now!

  3. Tilo

    5 stars! An affordable price comes with a very good product

  4. Owen

    Used a waterbong for the 1st half gram and sprinkled the rest into my Black Mamba roll. I was feeling pretty good. Will certainly buy again

  5. Ric

    Love their budder. Super fragrant and flavourful. These guys have become my go-to for concentrates.

  6. Gabby

    I don’t normally post reviews, but this one is worth a review. I struggle with anxiety so I started taking these two a day. I’ve been taking them for a week and haven’t felt as anxious as I normally do. They’re also really helpful with sleep!

  7. Boy

    I have tried this 3 days in a row and I love it. Taste is so good I wish I could snack on them. I normally have trouble sleeping but for the past three days, my body was relaxed enough to sleep through the night.

  8. Forest

    By far my favorite shatter on this price range. Will buy again for sure, excellent quality.

  9. Little

    Another great tasting product that is fairly strong.

  10. HTC

    LOVE the sour squares!!! Got two packs and 2-3 are all that’s needed (plus a bit of ‘kick-in’ time).

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  1. Brittany thompson

    Have made 2 orders and plan on more . Really enjoyed the bliss gummies and the purple kush. Customer service was good as I chatted the 1st time b4 my order knowledge of there product was really good!

  2. Melissa

    Wow! I am so happy i was referred to your store! Big fan of edibles and was not disappointed! The ccokies were delicious and what an enjoyable, long buzz! From Montreal and got my order in 5 business days (even with current situation!) Will for sure order again and soon!

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