1. John

    Love the taste. Peanut butter does taste better. Does the job. Very strong.

  2. John

    Tastes GREAT!! Very strong and powerful. Would recommend it to anyone.

  3. John

    Great product. Love the precise dose. Also love how you get more for your buck in the same tin.

  4. John

    Great product. Love the precise dose. Lets me know exactly what dose I'm getting every time.

  5. 8691Hwy17W

    First time ordering from this site. Easy process, great communication from company delivery took 5 days (included Sat & Sun). Price is comparable to other sites. The product is excellent. Packaging was top notch. All 4 products smelled great and different. Buds are big to medium, dense and we'll trimmed. Each has its own distinctive taste but all burn smooth and clean. Very nice high from all 4 and would recommend as I will purchase again. Purple Kush Cherry AK47 Super Nuken Girl Scout Cookies

  6. Luka H

    This is the best tasting Cotton Candy I have had in a while! Price is right too.

  7. Bree R.

    This is the best Hybrid I have enjoyed in a while. I love fruity strains and the crystals on this Cherry is insane! Very tasty.

  8. Shannon Lee

    Amazing deal! I am very impressed with the quality and price.

  9. Manu P

    The best quality budder online I have ordered! Can't wait to try another type.

  10. Shane Rollins

    I ordered this just last week and it is really high quality premium BC bud. I am out East so order online quite often and I was shocked at how quickly I received my product in the mail. I will be ordering again for sure. The mix and match is nice to get a variety.

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Comments (2)

  1. Brittany thompson

    Have made 2 orders and plan on more . Really enjoyed the bliss gummies and the purple kush. Customer service was good as I chatted the 1st time b4 my order knowledge of there product was really good!

  2. Melissa

    Wow! I am so happy i was referred to your store! Big fan of edibles and was not disappointed! The ccokies were delicious and what an enjoyable, long buzz! From Montreal and got my order in 5 business days (even with current situation!) Will for sure order again and soon!

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